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A relocation plan must be in the child's best interests

For government workers who have gotten divorced, relocation based on a career move is a real issue. These jobs often span the country and even the world. For some employees, that's part of the allure of the job - traveling the world and having life experiences that would be impossible if pinned down in one place.

When divorced employees are sharing custody of their children, though, this same lifestyle can be problematic. Some have even said that every single outcome of a proposed move is going to have some sort of drawback. For example:

Will your divorce force you into bankruptcy?

Once the dust of your divorce has settled, you will be ready to move forward in your new life but may find yourself hindered by certain unexpected financial challenges. While divorce will certainly require some adjustment, you could be left with insurmountable financial obligations and insufficient income.

If you are facing serious money woes after the finalization of your divorce, there are legal options available to you. Instead of floundering in a cycle of missed payments and calls from creditors, you may consider filing for bankruptcy.